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Looking to find out how much your classic car is really worth? Get a professional appraisal from the experts at Studio Hotrods. Our team of experienced professionals will come to you and provide an accurate estimate of your vehicle's value. Plus, our limited time spring special includes a $55 discount off our regular price. Don't delay, get a professional opinion on your classic car's value today! Call now or send a message using the form below!


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This offers a high level inspection with a cursory look at the condition of body, paint, interior and wiring. We will pull together two comps of the vehicle considered to have equivalent criteria and adjust the full market value to the vehicle’s actual condition.


This includes everything listed in Level 1 as well as a safety/drivability inspection. The vehicle will be put on a lift to evaluate the suspension and braking design, configuration and condition. We will also inspect the frame for any obvious safety issues, perform a driving/handling performance evaluation, and a lighting inspection. This will be performed by a service technician who is well qualified in vintage service and inspection but does not warranty any of the components or incur any of the liability in the process.


This includes everything listed in Level 1 & 2 plus goes into the authenticity and originality of the vehicle. We will look at market data available in reference to the VIN, engine stampings, transmission identification and rear end. No disassembly is included in this process and is strictly limited to the information that is pertinent and available to the vehicle’s inspection. Cowl tag, fender tag, VIN tags and OEM manufacturing identification numbers are used to the best of our ability to help our customer understand and be aware of the authenticity of their vintage vehicle investment. Should outside resources (i.e. Pontiac Historical Society) be useful in gathering all information available, additional fees may be necessary to add, with customer pre-approval.


Studio Hotrods has been in the business of buying and selling vintage automobiles since 2015. With a combined experience of over 150 years, our team is qualified to evaluate and appraise your classic car investment. Studio Hotrods is an Illinois licensed Dealer, Rebuilder and Repairer with a state-of-the-art facility located in Richmond, IL. We have the knowledge and resources required to enhance the integrity of the vehicle being appraised whether it is a show quality, pro-touring car or an original classic that has been in the family for decades. We will use all of our resources to help you understand the value of your asset. CEO and owner of Studio Hotrods, Harry Nicodem has been rebuilding, modifying and repairing the classics since childhood and is familiar with all of the requirements needed to service the needs of our clients. His history includes holding 38 patents on various products and he is a mechanical and electrical engineer by trade. Harry directly oversees the operations of Studio Hotrods which has three facilities all located along the Route 12 corridor to meet all of our customer’s classic car needs including storage, vintage service, full restoration and painting, Dyno services, interior, chassis fabrication, media blasting to name a few. 

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