For the serious car lover out there, nothing is more important than the body work and a paint job that shows off your classic car!

Cruising around in the summertime in your classic muscle car may be a fun hobby of yours but how the car looks is a serious matter. When it comes time to restoring an old car, not much will affect its value like a quality frame and body restoration and an amazing paint job!

Vintage Body Repair Shop

Auto restoration takes special skill and know how. Finding the right professional auto restorers can make all the difference in increasing the value of your classic ride. 

Let our experts at Studio Hotrods, take care of all your car restoration needs. Our automobile restoration experts are highly trained and knowledgeable, and specialize in auto body restoration and auto restoration paint. We know how much your classic automobile means to you and that is why we pride ourselves on our antique auto restoration services and workmanship.

Competitor auto restoration shops have a hard time matching our experience and knowledge when it comes to classic auto restoration. If it is an expert automotive restoration service that you seek, look no further than Studio Hotrods, your leading classic and muscle car restoration company.

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Brake Repairs & Upgrades

  • Cooling System Installation & Repairs

  • Electrical Repairs, Rewiring and Installation

  • Window Channel & Seal Replacement

  • Engine Detailing and Tuning

  • Original Suspension & Brake Repairs

  • And More!

If your looking for vintage body repair, look no further!  Give us a call 815-669-0020!

Paint Shop

Our car paint shop has painted various makes and models of classic muscle, street rods and hotrods!

Nothing beats a quality paint job delivered by a skilled technician. A freshly-painted car provides any onlooker with an excellent impression and improves the value of your vehicle.

Our auto painting team uses only the most advanced, industry-approved equipment and practices to ensure that the job gets done properly. Using a variety of professional-quality tools, our detail-oriented team can generate your desired look. We don't simply touch up your vehicle' paint. We breathe new life into your car's appearance.

Our Paint Process

Our auto paint team is the final step in your vehicle's restoration process. The lead painter conducts the last vehicle inspection prior to painting. This includes a full wet-down inspection which is done to reveal any fine ripples and imperfections that may remain even after the detailed sanding is completed.

Paint Process Includes:

  • The vehicle is re-primed and sanded

  • We clean and mask the vehicle

  • The body is then painted and cleared

  • The painter and production manager inspect the paint

  • Final wet sanding and buff are completed

If your paint is faded or cracking, consider giving us a call 815-669-0020!