Vintage Auto Service

Your one stop shop for everything vintage!

In today's world there is a decline in the number of auto repair shops that can perform quality vintage car repairs. Here at Studio Hotrods, we are dedicated to providing the Northern Illinois / Southern Wisconsin area with a high quality specialized repair shop focusing on your collector vehicles' service needs. Antique, classic, muscle or any special interest vehicle will require maintenance and repairs just like daily drivers.

Our staff is experienced with all aspects of mechanical repair on vintage and classic cars. Your classic car is an important investment for you and we take pride in helping you to keep it functioning well every time you choose to take it out for that cruise or Sunday drive.

Service and Repair

• Maintenance and repairs

• Engine diagnostics and repair

• A/C diagnostics and repair

• Check-engine light diagnostic and repair

• Brake and rotor replacement

• Drum brake service

• Carburetor rebuild & tuning

• Transmission service


Let us help you improve your vehicles power, handling and braking.

• Performance parts and installation

• Engine / transmission swaps and conversions

• Suspension upgrades and restoration

• Coilovers, tubular control arms

• Disc brake conversions

• Disc brake upgrades

• Steering upgrades and power steering conversions

• Chassis swaps

• Subframe swaps

• EFI conversions

Also, you should know that the amount of ethanol in today's gas is very harmful to your car's fuel system. It will cause fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetors and hoses to degrade, rot, and/or slug up when your car is sitting for prolonged periods of time between drives. We service all portions of the fuel system to keep it clean and performing well.

So, when you decide you are ready to get your classic antique car operating again after years of storage or just to get it operating the way your expect it to, you can trust that here at Studio Hotrods we are ready to take care of your vintage car with pride.

Give us a call at (815) 669-0020 to learn more about our vintage car repair services.