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No job is too big or too small for us to tackle.  Studio Hotrods is a one-stop-shop with all your vintage service needs.  If your car has been sitting in storage for 30 years we can go through the fuel systems, braking systems and all safety and reliability issues to get your car road ready.  If you need a new set of tires and rims, want to change your old drum brakes to new power discs, set ups of new exhaust systems, replacement motors such as an LS swap, or just making the driveline in your car optimized for performance – we’ve got you covered.  We can take your old stock 1966 Mustang with a six cylinder and make it a fire breathing Coyote with 3 inch stainless exhaust that will light the tires up from here to Kalamazoo!  We also offer standard tuning, Dyno-tuning, suspension modifications and re-wiring services.  If you have purchased the car of your dreams but it has turned into a nightmare, let us do an evaluation and get you on the road again.  Safety inspections and consulting are all part of the vintage services we offer.  Let Studio Hotrods be the trusted, knowledgeable resource you are looking for to enjoy the dream ride of your life.

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