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Studio Hotrods started with the vision of Harry Nicodem - a self-made, hard working entrepreneur who started in the
world of print media. As a mechanical engineer with 25 patents and years of success, he decided to take his passion for
cars to the next level and fulfill the dream of having his own hotrod shop. His success with inventing, designing and
building products influenced his vision of creating a unique environment where the average person could have a car
custom designed and built in a way that was tailored just for them.  His vision for Studio Hotrods was to create an
environment like you would see on the famous car TV shows. Our business did become very popular with a Facebook
following of car enthusiasts of all ages. Beautiful car reveals, fun and informative videos of builds, collaboration with
Chicagoland radio stations like The Loop Rock n’ Ride events with car giveaways, celebrity car builds and offers for TV shows.

Rockin rides.jpg

Studio Hotrods went big doing frame and chassis swaps and modifications, dropping in new technology like Coyote motors in old Ford trucks to brand new Corvette motors in a 58 Resto-Mod Corvette. That was Studio Hotrods 1.0, and we would like to say we have evolved.


Studio Hotrods 2.0 has tuned in to what our customers really need – a safe, honest place for them to bring their pride
and joy. Using our 6 years of experience, customers will receive quality work that lasts, and their family can enjoy for
years to come. Studio Hotrods skilled craftsmen work on every vintage car as if it were their own - from a simple brake
job to taking it down to bare bones and craft building the car of your dreams. We build 8 - 12 custom full fabricated
Resto-Mods per year exactly to our customer’s specifications.  We also offer a line of craft builds that are specially
designed by Harry to be focused around his dream cars with a lot of power, the ability to drive cross country and air


Studio Hotrods buys, sells and consigns too! We offer our customers the opportunity to bring their vintage car to us to
be bought or sold. We typically have about 30 cars for sale at any given time and take the time with our customers, to
give full disclosure about what they have to sell or what they would like to buy. Studio Hotrods cars are purchased from
individuals or auctions, repairs and modifications are done in house as necessary, high quality photos are taken and
accurate information is posted on 150 websites. The cars are kept safe and well displayed in one of our facilities to be
presented to the right audience with the right information with integrity and truthfulness. This is how Studio Hotrods has
built lifetime relationships where everyone is treated like family.


All Studio Hotrods facilities are located on a major thoroughfare, Route 12 in Illinois, stretching from Richmond to Fox
Lake.  Studio Hotrods headquarters is a 22,000 sq. ft. building located at 4118 U. S. Highway 12 in Richmond, IL (insert
photo or video).  Visit this facility Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm for a tour to see some of our cars for
sale in the showroom and our craft builders at work in our build center. Check in with our Car Concierge, Suzie, and she
will show you around.

Down the road is our Studio Hotrods Staging facility located at 4909 W. Route 12 in Richmond, IL. 
This facility is climate controlled, security and fire monitored with a sprinkler system, and used for customer vehicle storage, staging cars in line for work, a parts warehouse, and a full fabrication shop. 

Storage 2-01.jpg

Last but far from least, our Smokehouse Restaurant – formerly the Lagoon Lounge Motel and Bar (insert video) with
8 motel rooms and a bar downstairs is now a beautiful full service restaurant opened in 2018 as Studio Hotrods
Roadhouse with a Rock n’ Roll, hotrod cars theme. After a small break in 2021, Harry decided to re-tune the restaurant
and is now Studio Hotrods Smokehouse, serving the best Texas style BBQ in the region! Located at 44 S. Route 12 in
Fox Lake, IL right on the Chain O’ Lakes, Harry knew this would be a great accompaniment to Studio Hotrods. In his
RV, he traveled the country tasting, observing and learning what it takes to succeed in the restaurant industry and he
decided Texas BBQ is where it’s at! He sampled the best BBQ’s in America from Nashville to Arizona and everywhere
in between when a miracle happened – turns out he knows “The Godfather of BBQ” Johnny Brotherton from TX. He
was acquainted with Johnny back in his toner cartridge days and where the story goes from there is a blessing from
God. Together with Johnny, Harry and Pitt Master “Murph” learned everything there is to know about making and
serving the best Texas style BBQ on the planet. It’s not just about sauce - it’s about post-oak smoked rotisserie meats
made fresh every day from delicious burnt ends, ribs, brisket, turkey and more, usually only found at the best places
in TX.


Everything about Harry and Studio Hotrods, whether it is selling cars, building someone the car of their dreams,
servicing and/or storing their pride and joy, or serving them the best BBQ of their lives - it is all with the same integrity
and values. Harry’s mission statement is to use the resources God has blessed him with to be able to offer people an
experience that leaves them feeling valued with a sense of joy and unity. Great people, great cars and great food are
what you’ll find at Studio Hotrods – come in as a customer, leave as a friend.

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