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  • No job is too big or too small for us to tackle.  Studio Hotrods is a one-stop-shop with all your vintage service needs.  If your car has been sitting in storage for 30 years, we can go through the fuel systems, braking systems and all safety and reliability issues to get your car road ready.  If you need a new set of tires and rims, want to change your old drum brakes to new power discs, set up a new exhaust system, replace a motor (such as an LS swap), or just make the driveline in your car optimized for performance – we’ve got you covered.  We can take your old stock 1966 Mustang with a six cylinder and make it a fire breathing Coyote with 3 inch stainless exhaust that will light the tires up from here to Kalamazoo!  We also offer standard tuning, dyno-tuning, suspension modifications and re-wiring services.  If you have purchased the car of your dreams but it has turned into a nightmare, let us do an evaluation and get you on the road again.  Safety inspections and consulting are all part of the vintage services we offer.  Let Studio Hotrods be the trusted, knowledgeable resource you are looking for to enjoy the dream ride of your life.

  • We can provide show-quality body and paint work for classic cars. Our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure flawless finishes at the concours level.  From timeless restorations to bespoke customizations, we elevate classic cars to pristine states, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

  • Studio Hotrods offers custom car fabrication services that blend precision engineering with artistic craftsmanship. From bespoke chassis to intricate metal shaping, we bring your automotive vision to life with unparalleled attention to detail.

  • Looking to find out how much your classic car is really worth? Get a professional appraisal from the experts at Studio Hotrods. Our team will assess the condition of your car, research current market data, put together comparable vehicles that are currently for sale, and provide you with an honest and accurate estimate of your vehicles worth.  Any American car with a V8 engine produced between 1930 and 1972, or American muscle cars with a V8 engine produced from 1973 to present qualify for our appraisal service.

  • Studio Hotrods is here for all your vehicle storage needs. We have strict policies in place in order to keep your prized possession safe for the season by limiting access once the vehicle has arrived and battery tenders / vehicle covers are put in place. Contact us by calling 262-HOTRODS, or click one of the links below to see pricing and our storage agreement.  If you are interested, you can fill out the contract online or stop in to our main location at 4118 U.S. Highway 12 in Richmond, IL.  Our car concierge will be happy to take your payment and get a spot reserved. 

  • Studio Hotrods is always on the lookout for vintage cars and trucks.  If you have one to sell, there are two ways we can help – Cash Purchase or Consignment.  If your vehicle is in great condition or if it needs a little TLC such as a small repair, interior redone or a new transmission - we are the experts in vintage repair and restoration and may be the place to buy your vehicle.  We purchase cars every day of the week - Monday through Friday, however, we are not interested in rust buckets, vehicles in need of complete restoration, or ones with salvage titles.  If you would rather sell the vehicle yourself, let Studio Hotrods handle the marketing, photography and negotiating by taking advantage of our great Consignment program.  We only get paid when you get paid.

  • Want to visualize different sets of wheels on your car? Can’t decide what color you want to paint it or what patters you want in the interior? Want graphics on your car but want to make sure it looks right before having it wrapped? Whatever it may be, our designers can provide photo-realistic virtual mockups of your car to make sure it looks exactly how you want it before any physical work is done. 

    1963 Oldsmobile F-85 Build Mockup
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