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Studio Hotrods is always on the lookout for vintage cars and trucks.  If you have one to sell, there are two ways we can help – Cash Purchase or Consignment.  If your vehicle is in great condition or if it needs a little TLC such as a small repair, interior redone or a new transmission - we are the experts in vintage repair and restoration and may be the place to buy your vehicle.  We purchase cars every day of the week - Monday through Friday, however, we are not interested in rust buckets, vehicles in need of complete restoration, or ones with salvage titles.  If you would rather sell the vehicle yourself, let Studio Hotrods handle the marketing, photography and negotiating by taking advantage of our great Consignment program.

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There are no fees to the seller unless the vehicle is sold!  A pre-negotiated amount you wish to receive when the vehicle is sold is determined, and we will operate on the delta between that and our asking price.  This is the same business model deployed by the most successful vintage car retailers in the world.  The difference between them and Studio Hotrods is we are more of a boutique car shop/craft builder where customers will get the personal attention of our staff instead of being treated as just another number.  We will guide you in making good decisions regarding the value of your car and set great expectations up front.  Let us take all the marketing responsibilities, with professional style photographs and beauty shots that will show off the best features of the vehicle and use our resources to get it listed on 150 different websites.

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Our expert vintage service department will perform a 100-point inspection to identify any quality or safety issues.  The potential buyers will be confident in the knowledge of what they are actually purchasing as any known issues will always be disclosed in order to be a good steward to the buyer, and the seller.  If you are interested in making minor repairs to achieve the sales price you are looking for, we offer that through our vintage service program.  Studio Hotrods will be your best resource for a smooth transition of your vintage ride, as we act as a consultant to both buyer and seller to make sure everyone leaves happy.

Consignment agreements are for a minimum of 90 days to insure our efforts and up-front costs of the photography and marketing are given ample time to succeed.  Rest assured your vehicle will be in good hands and kept safe and clean during that time.  Should we not sell the car in 90 days, re-negotiations or vehicle pick up can be made.

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